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Pet Policies


Please CALL for pet reservations.  1-800-474-5322

Pets allowed in Wood Duck, Butlers, Caretakers, and Three In One

Please be advised that we have certain pet rules:
First we like dogs and understand they are generally part of your family.
We try to minimize excessive rules but these are a result of issues we have had to deal with in the past.

•    We cannot have excessive barking. We understand dogs bark. Anything more than a couple of woof woofs is excessive. Barking when anyone walks by the cabin is excessive.

•    Pets cannot be left in the cabins alone unless in a suitable carrier.  If your dog is not used to a carrier chances are it will excessively Bark.

•    Pets must be leashed at all times outdoors. No exceptions

•    It is your responsibility to clean up dog doo-doo

•    Aggressive pets are not allowed. Please advise us of the breed and size of your dog before making your reservation.

•    Pets are not allowed on the furniture or beds. If your pet uses the furniture please advise us and we can provide furniture covers.

•    Please bring a floor bed or an old blanket for use as pet bed.

•    Please advise us of the breed and size dog you are bringing.

•    We strive to allow no more than two pets on site at a time.

•    Fees for dogs are 25.00 per day 150.00 per week with a 60.00 dollar minimum, per dog.

•    Excessive cleaning required from pets may require an additional charge.

•    Please advise us if your pet has an accident in the cabin. We can provide a carpet cleaner for you at no charge.

•    There are very good Kennels close by, please ask if you need one.

Thank you for your cooperation

Pike Bay Lodge


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