Lake Vermilion Fishing at Pike Bay Lodge, Tower, MN, a Lake Vermilion Resort

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Lake Vermillion provides 1200 miles of shoreline, 365 islands and endless areas to cast out for your favorite fish.
Walleye:  The elusive walleye may be no more, when you head out into more than 40,000 acres of water. Each year this species is sought after in several tournaments including those on Lake Vermillion. Walleye are extremely sensitive to light and vibrations. Perch is their main food but they will also eat other fish species as well as frogs, leeches, and even small ducks.
Northern Pike:  Northern pike are the monster of all freshwater fish and prefer deep, calm or slow moving water in weedy areas. Females grow up to 5 ft. with males usually being smaller. Female northern pike can be up to 55 lbs. with males rarely weighing more than 11 lbs.
Bass:  Anglers will find both smallmouth and largemouth bass in the many rocky outcroppings and into the weed filled bays. The largemouth bass is a popular species for those who like an explosive strike at their lure. Largemouth bass prefer clear, calm waters with plenty of vegetation where food and cover are available. Smallmouth bass are strong fighters who are known for jumping and prefer rocky points and island areas. They too prefer clear, calm water areas.
Muskie:  The muskie can be found among plants near channels as well as along rocky areas. The great muskie is a solitary fish that lurks in the water for its next meal. Muskie prefer other fish for most of its diet but will feed on suckers, minnows, and other bait. Muskie generally move to shallow waters during the fall.
Sunfish (Bluegill):  The sunfish is a favorite panfish and can be found throughout Lake Vermillion. Sunfish spawn in the middle of spring and aggressively protect their spawning beds. Finding their spawn beds makes them easy to catch during the spring time. Sunfish feed on underwater insects and small minnows and worm baits are a favorite. They prefer shallow weedy areas but in the warmest summer months can be found in deeper water.
Crappie:  Another favorite panfish, the crappie mates in the spring and moves into shallow water. Except for the bluegill, the crappie is the second most caught fish by Minnesota anglers. Crappies can grow up to 12" and adults average around 1 lb or less. Crappies feed on underwater insects, minnows, and other small fish. Crappies prefer to feed at sunrise and sunset.
Yellow Perch:  The yellow perch is a cousin of the walleye and is one of the most caught fish in Minnesota. Also considered a panfish, perch average about 6" in length and average around 1/3 lb. in weight. They spawn around mid May and prefer to feed on minnows, insects, worms and other smaller fish. Perch are abundant in Lake Vermillion and can be found around docks and rocky areas.

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